Bus Accidents in the Year of the Cat

Bus Accidents Caused by Defects and Malfunctions

When a bus accident has occurred and people are injured or killed as a result, there are a great many different things that may be responsible for the accident. Though the accident may not have been the fault of the bus driver or bus company, the vast majority of accidents are attributed to either driver error or some kind of malfunction or defect of the vehicle.

A great many bus defects or malfunctions are a question of the driver not having properly addressed issues as they became aware of them, but others are the responsibility of the bus company. Still others may be the fault of the bus manufacturer, the company responsible for maintaining the bus, or even a manufacturer of a bus part. Determining who is at fault is an important part of pursuing a bus accident lawsuit.

The Smallest Parts Can Cause the Biggest, Most Devastating Bus Accidents

Buses are enormous vehicles. They are extremely long and heavy, with some weighing as much as twenty tons. Because of their massive size and the number of passengers that they are transporting, it is essential that buses are always maintained in top condition in order to avoid accidents that are caused by maintenance issues or malfunctioning parts.

Unfortunately, many bus accident injuries and deaths are the result of defects or improper functioning of a variety of bus systems. The systems that are most frequently found to have caused serious problems include brakes, tires, steering systems, suspension systems and malfunctions of the emergency exits.

Who is at Fault When Bus Accidents are Caused by Malfunctions and Defects

When a bus accident is determined to have been caused by a malfunction or defect, a great deal of investigation and research is required to determine who is at fault and should be held responsible. In most cases of bus malfunctions, the parties that are named in lawsuits are the bus manufacturer, the owner of the bus company, and the company responsible for the maintenance of the bus.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a bus accident that is determined to have been the fault of a malfunction or defect, a qualified, experienced bus accident attorney will pursue the responsible party in order to get you compensation for any damages that you have suffered as a result.