Bus Accidents in the Year of the Cat

Negligent Hiring of Bus Drivers

Buses and motor coaches are often thought of as one of the safest modes of transportation. There is something that is comforting about climbing onto a bus – perhaps it is the sheer size and weight of the vehicle that makes us feel secure, or maybe it is the memory of riding the school bus as a child. Unfortunately, buses are not always as safe as we assume them to be.

There are a significant number of bus accidents that take place on America’s highways and roads every year, and in many of them the passengers onboard end up suffering grievous injuries – in some cases they even result in death. As difficult as it is to think about being injured on a bus, it is even more upsetting to learn that these accidents are often a result of negligent hiring on the part of the bus companies.

Bus Company Responsibility in Hiring Bus Drivers

Commercial buses are what are known as common carriers. A common carrier is a company that charges a fee for transporting people or cargo, and as a result of that status they are held to a higher level of duty for exercising safety. Unfortunately, because it can be difficult to find qualified drivers, many bus companies fail at ensuring that their drivers have the appropriate qualifications and clean driving records.

When a bus company hires a driver that will be driving passengers, it is their responsibility to ensure that the driver has met all of the legal requirements for driving the type of vehicle they will be assigned to. They are also responsible for meeting their own company requirements for safety, which often include having appropriate training, passing drug and alcohol screening and having clean driving records.

Negligent Hiring by Bus Companies

There are a number of hiring practices that have been exhibited by bus companies that have been cited as examples of negligent hiring practices. These include hiring drivers who have records of traffic violations, previous bus or car accidents, a history of drunk driving or drug use or a criminal record. Hiring a driver with this type of record can be defined as negligence on the part of the bus company.